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2014 <b>LPS Zapatista Encuentro</b> (MacCathmhaoil)

2014 LPS Zapatista Encuentro (MacCathmhaoil)

In 1996, the Zapatistas of Chiapas invited supporters from around the world to the small indigenous village of La Realidad for 'El Encuentro' a get-together against neoliberalism and for humanity. This gathering would be the first meatspace manifestation of a global radical internet community. That summer, on a different journey through Chiapas, Loitering Theatre also reached La Realidad. Souvenir Zapatista dolls hold some of this recollection.

Almost twenty internet years later, the LPS youtube network of contributors and subscribers are a global internet community of teenage girls who make high production value videos featuring the Hasbro corporation's Littlest Pet Shop plastic figurines. Episodes can reach audiences of over one million viewers. The Zapatista online presence has died down.

Loitering Theatre's project LPS Zapatista Encuentro is a discrete staged intervention into the LPS youtube filmmaking community. It imagines a new form of virtual direct action, where the Zapatista dolls meet with their LPS counterparts. (ongoing)