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December 2019,

2019 <b>Brute Force Attack (i) </b>(MacCathmhaoil)

2019 Brute Force Attack (i) (MacCathmhaoil)

A Performance Polemic for Digital Self Defence, a programme of events curated by Kennedy Browne as part of their The Redaction Trilogy at Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin:

Somewhere out there an algorithm is out to get you. You're at the mercy of a string of code. Ruby on rails. Python.  Objective C. Some strange array or one dimensional vector.  The algorithm never shrugs. The algorithm never cries.

In months to come you see the algorithm have free reign in this land.  It knocks on doors and empties homes. Divides what it needs and leaves scattered remains behind. 

Friends ran out of town. Families apart.You’ve come on holiday by mistake. No two man comedy. Just a two man tent. Camping in the January cold. This Occult math ruining lives.

You walk through Dublin's Phoenix Park now. Here this vulture code runs wild. You see a blue tent; a red tent; an undersheet. Stretched under hawthorn bushes. Survivors of an algorithmic storm. A cruel black box esotericism of if- not- then loops and twisted logic gates.

What have they done with the holy fractals of our ancient times?   Where is our kind math and golden rule?

This new math knows no ruler but itself. It has lost all sense of its divine. Who gave these profane algorithms such power in our land?