Loitering Theatre /



Caroline Campbell and Nina McGowan (alongside other collaborators including John Buckley and composer and sound designer Philip Stewart) have been working together since 2012 under the name of Loitering Theatre. Loitering Theatre work across video, text, performance and site-specific installation.

Loitering Theatre seek to make the intangible of networks manifest. They take their name from the DARPA Vulture : Very-high-altitude/Ultra-endurance, Loitering Theater/ Unmanned/ Reconnaissance Element. Like the Vulture, they linger in the theatre of war. Their work engages with the hidden structures and distractions of networked capitalism and the abstractions of the worldwide military industrial complex. Coming from Dublin, their work also looks at Ireland’s historic and current role in the politics of resistance and protest.

Loitering Theatre use varied techniques to decode and oppose current systems of consensus reality – recent projects have mobilised the affective power of the culture industry’s expanded Hollywood blockbuster; or created radical synapses between future-present sci-fi technologies and lost systems of ancient ritual power. Along the way, time is stretched and bent and technology no longer develops along its linear path.

Loitering Theatre’s work has received mention in the New York Times, Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine and featured widely across Irish media on and offline. It has been given coverage by Anonymous and been the subject of censorship by the Irish police.