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Caroline Campbell and Nina McGowan have been working since 2012 under the name of Loitering Theatre (which is also the name of their first work). Loitering Theatre have a broad base of research interests that reflect the interdisciplinary nature of their backgrounds in law, tech, landscape architecture, sculpture and film. Outcomes from Loitering Theatre research can be taken in further collaborative directions or worked on as part of individual practice. Some principal current themes of their work are: network cultures, strange architectures, notions of the permitted, and sci-fi futures made real.

Current projects seek to make the intangible of networks appear before the eye - a reversal of hypermodernity - where immaterial objects are given concrete value once more, but a value of their choosing. Along the way they examine notions of the private and public; and that which is permitted and assigned value by constructs of taste or the embedded systems, legal or otherwise, of networked capital.

Loitering Theatre prioritise having an engaged practice that proliferates across networks and outside the confines of the gallery space. Their work uses Ireland's unique position as a centre for cognitive capitalism as a springboard for critique of its emergent platforms. Their work has received mention in the New York Times, Vice Magazine, Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine and featured widely across Irish media on and offline. It has been given coverage by Anonymous and been the subject of censorship by the Irish police.